Welcome to the Active People Survey analysis tool

This site gives you access to data from the Active People Survey; a survey that tracks the number of people taking part in sport and wider physical activity in England.

The dashboard below shows the type of data available (time series, demographic, sport / activity specific and geographic). Click on the items for more details on these specific results.

Alternatively, click on 'Analyse the data' to create your own analysis and select either 'Sport Participation' or 'Physical Activity'. You can then change how your results are displayed (Display options), tailor your analysis (Change your analysis) or export the results.

Note: The Active People Survey ran from 2005 to 2016, and has now been superseded by the Active Lives Survey. Please refer to the Active Lives Online tool activelives.sportengland.org for the most recent survey data.

Once a week sport participation over time
Physical Activity levels over time by Local Authority
Once a week participation by individual sport